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What does home mean to you?

What does home mean to you? For many of us, home means…

Shelter… safety… security…

Home is a place where you celebrate holidays and create lifelong memories. For Rhonda and her children, home became a place of fear and danger this year…

In early 2021, Rhonda and her children were afraid for their lives. Rhonda’s boyfriend had become violent and verbally abusive. His anger resulted in broken furniture and holes in the walls of their home. Rhonda knew she couldn’t stay one more minute and began looking for resources and a safe place for her family – two sons, 15 and 14, and two daughters, 8 and 6.

A friend told her about Hopeful Horizons, and she made the call to our 24-hour Support Line. After talking about the situation with a Hopeful Horizons’ advocate, Rhonda was accepted into our emergency shelter program. Hopeful Horizons provided her with a safe place to stay.

Rhonda worked closely with a Hopeful Horizons’ case manager and therapist. She met with her therapist every week so that she could begin to heal and think about a new life for herself and her children. Her kids also worked with a Hopeful Horizons’ therapist on their own healing. They all wanted to protect their mom, but they needed to be kids again, too.

Can you imagine how hard starting over would be? We hope we can count on your help again this year to help families like Rhonda’s.

After several months, Rhonda was ready to find a new place to live. She found a new job that was a great fit for her, and her case manager helped her create a budget and find an affordable home to rent – not an easy task!

On a hot but beautiful day in August, Rhonda and her children moved into their new three-bedroom home. The kids are sharing rooms, but they don’t care because it’s safe and it’s theirs. Think back to the day you moved into your first home - that day is full of excitement and hope and promise! That is exactly how Rhonda’s family felt, too.

You made amazing things happen for victims of abuse!

When Hopeful Horizons’ staff delivered a bed and accessories for Rhonda, the children were very excited to see their friends. The younger son enthusiastically volunteered that he knew how to use the washer and dryer and took off with the bed linens to wash them so they could make up mom’s bed as a surprise for her.

I think you can relate to what an exciting time it has been for this family as they get comfortable in their safe and happy home. Your gift last year helped make this home possible.

In 2020, Hopeful Horizons provided emergency shelter for 50 percent more women and their children who were fleeing domestic violence. That’s more people than we have served in a single year in our 30-plus year history. The demand for housing assistance increased exponentially as well. The high demand for shelter and housing continues in 2021. These statistics paint a picture of the need for emergency shelter and safe, affordable housing.

But that’s not all…

In July of this year, Hopeful Horizons’ therapists completed 42 forensic interviews with children and teens who had been abused or witnessed violence – the highest monthly count in Hopeful Horizons’ history. Typically, we conduct around 30 forensic interviews a month.

Your investment in Hopeful Horizons not only helps provide trauma treatment to victims of child abuse, domestic violence and sexual assault, but also helps our work to prevent abuse from ever happening. Hopeful Horizons provides evidence-based prevention programs for families with elementary-aged children and continues the work with middle and high school students.

As you can see, the needs have grown tremendously and there are many people just like Rhonda in our community. They need the help and resources of Hopeful Horizons. They need you! Can you give today, on Giving Tuesday, to make Rhonda’s success possible for the next person who calls Hopeful Horizons?

On behalf of the families who need you and the grateful team of staff and volunteers at Hopeful Horizons, thank you.

With the hope of ending abuse and changing lives,

Kristin Dubrowski, MNM

Chief Executive Officer

P.S. Did you know you can give non-cash gifts to Hopeful Horizons? Visit our website for information on gifts of stock, IRAs, donor-advised funds and other options.


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