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Thank you for your desire to help Hopeful Horizons’ assisting victims of child abuse, domestic violence and sexual assault.

In person delivery of donations are now by appointment only.  Please contact Kirsty Fitzgibbons at to obtain currently needed donation information and to arrange a drop off time.


We do not accept used clothing, used toys, hotel toiletries or queen/king size bedding.


However, we partner with CAPA's Closet so that our clients are able to shop at no charge! The Bargain Box, Church Mouse and Calhoun Station provide support to Hopeful Horizons through grants. We urge you to take your used clothing and toy donations to those organizations and know that you are still helping Hopeful Horizons assist victims. The list below includes examples of some of our most needed items. Please call us at 843-524-2256 if you have something you think we might use that is not on this list. Thank you!


Furnish a Future

Furnish a Future is a new outreach program for Hopeful Horizons, led by a dedicated volunteer group. The program will create safe and joyful spaces for women who are starting a new life after surviving domestic violence. In many cases, women and their children need to rebuild from the ground up and furnishing their new home with love will provide them with a positive start on their journey. Furnish a Future will collect donated items specific for each client.  


Contact Rebecca Jones if you'd like to get involved in Furnish a Future or be added to the the distribution list of needed items for each project.

Donation Drives, collections, and group projects:  Please help us to make your donation meaningful.  Please contact Kirsty Fitzgibbons regarding large donations to find out our current needs.  We are often lucky enough to have an abundance of many items but not others.  Thank you!

Amazon Wish List



Clothing (New)

.    Socks                                                                                              .  . .    Sports Bras - all sizes

·    T-Shirts – all sizes

·    Leggings/lounge pants – all sizes

·    Slippers

·    Underwear – All sizes

·    Hair Clips and Elastic Bands


 Baby Supplies (New)

·    Baby bottles

·    Baby wipes

·    Onesies-all sizes especially small

·    Binkies

·    Baby monitors-don’t have to be new, but must work

·    Umbrella strollers-don’t have to be new

 Children’s Needs (New)

·    Bags for welcome gifts for girls and boys of varying ages

·    Small Books

·    Small Coloring books

·    Crayons

·    Lip Balm or Gloss

·    Small car or Truck toys

·    Fancy Pens

·    Diaries

·    Puzzles

·    Jewelry

·    Action Figures

·    Hair clips and elastic bands

·    Pajamas

·    Basketballs, footballs, soccer balls and baseballs


 Personal Care Items (new)

·    Ethnic hair products, (shampoo, conditioner, mousse, gel)

.    Bags for personal care items

·    Sanitary Napkins and Tampons

·    Nail Polish Remover

·    Nail Clippers

·    Emory Boards

·    Unopened full sized toiletries


 Miscellaneous (do not have to be new)

·    Umbrellas

·    Duffel bags

·    Bicycles

·    Bicycle Helmets

·    Composition books

·    Gift Cards

·    Gas Cards



 .   Linens (new)

·    Fleece Twin Blankets

·    White Twin Flat and Fitted Sheets

·    White Towels(Bath, Hand & Washcloths)

·    Laundry Detergent Powder

·    Soft Scrub

·    Clorox Clean-up (or store brand-large)

·    Clorox Bleach (or store brand)

·    Pledge Furniture Polish

·    Febreeze & Febreeze Air Effects

·    Clorox Wipes(or store brand)

·    Disinfectant Spray(Lysol or store brand)

·    Dishwasher Tabs

·    Toilet Bowl Cleaner

·    Swiffer Duster Refills

·    Dish Towels

·    Dish Cloths

·    Scotch-Brite Scrubbing Sponges

·    Dishwashing Liquid


 Paper Products

·    Tall Kitchen Bags (prefer Glad Flex)

·    Bathroom Trash Bags

·    Zip-Lock Bags(snacks quart & gallon)

·    Napkins

·    Medium Plastic Cups

·    Silverware (plastic & metal)

·    Paper Towels

·    Toilet Paper


FOOD (new; we cannot accept food beyond its expiration date)


 Drinks and Snacks

·    Coffee

·    Tea

·    Iced Tea Mix

·    Lemonade Mix

·    Bottled Water


 Children’s Snacks

·    Canned/Boxed 100% Fruit Drink

·    Goldfish Crackers

·    Skeeter Nut Free Graham Snacks, Cinnamon 36ct

·    Fruit Roll Ups

·    Peanut Butter Pretzels

·    Popcorn

·    Individually Packaged Cookies & Crackers

·    Small individual sized canned goods for clients in motels

·    Individually wrapped snack items(goldfish crackers, cheez-it, fruit .    Snacks, granola/cereal bar, peanut butter crackers, pretzels)


 Canned Goods

·    Tuna Fish

·    Chicken

·    Baked Beans

·    Spaghetti O’s/Ravioli

·    Canned Fruit

·    Spaghetti Sauce

·    Peas

·    Corn

·    String Beans

·    Peanut Butter

·    Jelly



·    Sugar-5lb Bags

·    Mayonnaise

·    Ranch Dressing-Family Size

·    Barbecue Sauce

·    Individual Salt & Pepper Shakers



·    Spaghetti

·    Flour

·    Rice

·    Cereal


MEDICINE CABINET (new - we cannot accept any medicine beyond its expiration date)

·    Peroxide

·    Alcohol

·    Witch Hazel

·    Neosporin

·    Band Aids

·    Benadryl-children’s & adult’s

·    Claritin



·    Copy Paper

·    Easel paper



.    Used clothing

.    Used toys

.    Hotel toiletries

.    Queen/King size bedding

.    Child Car Seats

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