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12 Months, 14 Families, 14 Moves

Hopeful Horizons' Furnish a Future and Housing Teams have completed another successful move and this brings their total moves for 2023 to a whopping 14! That's 14 families who have left the Hopeful Horizons' Emergency Shelter and moved into new homes to start new lives.

This year, that means an entire home for 11 moms and 37 kids! Or in more detail, that is 48 mattresses, 48 frames, 48 bedding sets, 11 couches, 11 kitchen tables, 44 kitchen chairs, 11 welcome kits, 11 kitchen kits and 22 bathroom kits to name just a few things that make a house into a home.

Here's a look at one family's new home after moving in last week. We're so proud of this family! Thanks to all of the Hopeful Horizons' staff, Furnish a Future volunteers and friends and family of the survivor who made this possible.

Furnish a Future is a unique program for Hopeful Horizons, led by a dedicated volunteer group. The program creates safe and joyful spaces for individuals and families who are starting a new life after fleeing domestic violence and staying at our emergency shelter.

In many cases, women and their children who are assisted through Hopeful Horizons’ housing program need to rebuild from the ground up. Our Housing Program works with shelter residents to secure permanent housing, pays a portion of the deposit and rent (for up to two years) and continues to provide supportive services. Last year, Hopeful Horizons helped 63 women and their children obtain housing (apartments and rental homes).

Once a move-in date is set, Furnish a Future steps in and collects furniture, linens, décor and other items specific for each family. They can even assist with moving and setting up the client’s new home! Furnishing a survivor’s new home with love provides them with a positive start on their journey.

Interested in helping Furnish a Future?

Furnish a Future has been blessed by generous donors! When a client moves into a new home, they receive a kitchen, bathroom and welcome kit complete with new dishes, glassware, dishes, silverware, pots/pans, towels, bathmats, shower curtain, cleaning supplies and trash cans to name a few things. Currently items for the kits are appreciated, as well as new linens. There are two Amazon Gift Registries with the needed kit and linen items:

At checkout on Amazon, select Gift Registry Address as the shipping address.

Monetary donations to Hopeful Horizons-Furnish a Future are also appreciated! You can donate here!

For more information on this program and to read the history, check out this blog from June 2022.


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