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We are Hopeful Horizons

Hopeful Horizons is a children’s advocacy, domestic violence and rape crisis center. Together, we create safer communities by changing the culture of violence and offering a path to healing.


Protect, treat + prevent.

We will provide safety, hope and healing to survivors of child abuse, domestic violence and sexual assault through evidence-based practices and lead in ending abuse through primary prevention and education.

A community without abuse.

Our goal is to facilitate whole childhood, safe relationships, healthy families and a violence free community.

Ending abuse. Changing lives.




Providing treatment, support, safety, shelter, legal services and advocacy to the abused to help them heal and ensure their well-being.

Providing education to increase understanding of the traumatic impact of abuse/violence and providing support and intervention for families to build up their protective factors so they can become more resilient.

Raising awareness and implementing prevention efforts to create safer communities. Our multidisciplinary approach coordinates responses in the community for victims of child abuse, domestic violence and sexual assault to achieve better outcomes for victims.


We believe in the inherent value of each child, individual and family who walks through the doors of Hopeful Horizons. We also believe that every parent desires to be the best parent possible for their child and that every family wants to be strong. It is through this strength-based lens that our team executes all programs and services.


We believe that child abuse, domestic violence and sexual assault are community problems and the needs of victims cannot be met by one organization. Therefore collaborating with other organizations in a multi- disciplinary team approach will result in more positive case outcomes.

Commitment to Excellence

The education, training and background of our team is second to none. We are committed to learning the best practices in the field and to implement programs that are evidence based. We do this because we believe that every survivor deserves the best professional care to help them heal from the trauma of child abuse, domestic violence and sexual assault.

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