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Hopeful Horizons' Emergency Shelter

Victims tell us the first time they have felt safe in months is the moment when they reach the privacy of a Hopeful Horizons’ bedroom. Finally, they can sleep peacefully, knowing they will not be terrorized or attacked.


Our comfortable shelter includes six bedrooms; a large living area; a children’s room; a spacious, modern kitchen where residents take turns preparing meals and a private, fenced-in play area for children. The shelter can house up to 24 residents.

The shelter also offers in-person counseling groups for shelter clients & their children.

We welcome everyone, regardless of your race, religion, color, national origin, age, disability, or sexual orientation. We also do our best to provide accommodations for the languages spoken in our community. Hopeful Horizons employs both English and Spanish-speaking advocates and aims to reach all areas of the local English and Spanish speaking communities to offer its services. Services in other languages are available; we will find a translator for you, just let us know.


We are proud to offer all of our services equally to the deaf or hard of hearing and the visually impaired.

Below are a few Hopeful Horizons' blogs related to our service for victims/survivors of domestic abuse.

Supportive counseling, therapy, a children’s activities program, victim advocacy, legal assistance and case management services can all be accessed onsite. Once approved for shelter, adult clients and their children may stay up to 60 days.


Former shelter residents can still access services through our outreach program. Often adult clients and their children will attend individual and/or group counseling after they have left the shelter.


Our staff understands that women may return to an abusive partner six to nine times before they make a final break. Former clients finding themselves in dangerous situations once more are encouraged to call for shelter without fear of prejudice.


Male victims of domestic violence and women with male children 18 or older receive other shelter options.


Shelter info

Counseling + Therapy/Treatment

Hopeful Horizons offers an array of counseling and treatment services for adult and child survivors of domestic abuse.


Counseling is provided by master's level counselors who help clients explore the effects of domestic violence on their lives while reinforcing the fact that victims are not to blame for the abuse they have endured. Years of emotional abuse often leave victims unable to make decisions and insecure about their strengths and abilities. Counseling can help clients rediscover the self-esteem necessary to heal.


Therapy/Treatment is provided by licensed therapists through the highest-quality evidence based trauma-focused treatment models. Treatment can often mitigate the long term impact trauma has on victims.

Hopeful Horizons' case managers provide support and assistance to adult survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault. The case manager works with survivors to identify goals and link them to other resources in the community. Goals might include locating affordable housing, obtaining transportation, accessing child care, securing permanent employment and relocating to improve safety.

Case Management

Legal Services

Hopeful Horizons’ Legal Department provides survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault with free legal representation. This includes appearances in Family Court for matters related to divorce, custody, visitation, child support, separate maintenance and support, and equitable distribution matters. The legal team also assists with the filing of Orders of Protection and Restraining Orders. Additionally, survivors are provided with legal advice and representation in other civil court matters, as well as accompaniment by our legal staff to criminal and bond court hearings. 


Our team also provides: 

  • Advocacy on behalf of victims to ensure that their rights are protected

  • Assistance with safety planning

  • Information and education

  • Assistance in applying for victim compensation programs

  • Referrals for emergency needs (including cell phones), pro bono attorney/legal aid, public benefits and other social services

  • Help for victims to navigate through the criminal justice system

  • Support throughout the life of the case

24/7 Support Line

To access any of our services, please call our 24/7 Support Line at 843-524-2256 or 800-868-2632.


Hopeful Horizons’ 24/7 Support Line is staffed by well trained staff and volunteers who are available around the clock to provide crisis intervention for victims of domestic violence. Having someone available around the clock to provide assistance, emotional support or to simply lend a listening ear can go a long way to paving the path towards healing.

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