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ending abuse and changing lives

Meeting Your Philanthropic Goals

Philanthropy is highly personal. You have several options when you are planning charitable gifts. Our wish is to match your desires with options that meet your goals and that fit with you and your family’s wishes. Please let us know if we can provide you or your advisors with more information or be of assistance in any way.


Take action today to create a community free from abuse. Your gift will help end abuse and change lives. Your gift of Donor-Advised Funds, stock, IRA funds, etc. goes directly to healing our most vulnerable neighbors. We appreciate your commitment to Hopeful Horizons and look forward to talking with you as you are exploring ways that philanthropy may fit with your overall planned giving.

​A gift in your will:

A charitable bequest is a simple instruction that part of your estate will go to a designated charitable organization like Hopeful Horizons. This type of gift can take many forms. You can leave a specific amount of money or a specific property such as stocks or bonds, a percentage of your estate, or what remains of your estate after you have provided for others (for example, your spouse, children, grandchildren). You can change any bequest provision during your life, which means you remain in complete control of the process.


If you already have a will, you can include or update a bequest to Hopeful Horizons through a simple codicil, without the need for executing a new will. A codicil is simply an amendment or addition to your will. It is commonly used to add bequests to those already included in your will. Speak with your attorney regarding any change to your will or estate documents.


Gifts of retirement account assets such as IRAs:

Retirement account assets left to loved ones may be subject to higher taxation than other types of assets. By making Hopeful Horizons a beneficiary, in full or in part, you may reduce taxes that otherwise would be passed to your loved ones. Adding a charity as a beneficiary is usually as simple as completing a form provided by the account custodian.


Gifts of stocks, bonds, mutual funds:

A gift of appreciated stocks, bonds or mutual funds (held for more than one year) can be a meaningful, simple way to make a significant difference for Hopeful Horizons students. There are two important benefits for this type of gift:

• You qualify for an income tax charitable deduction for the full amount of the gift.

• You pay no capital gains tax on any appreciated value of your gift, but you receive an income tax deduction for the full amount gifted.


You may find a gift of appreciated stock to be a wise choice that allows you to make a greater impact than you thought would be possible.


For stock transfer information, click here.


Give and receive income with a charitable gift annuity:

You will receive a regular check from a charitable gift to Hopeful Horizons by establishing a charitable gift annuity. In exchange for a one-time gift of cash or assets, you will receive fixed income for life. You can even include a spouse or one other named person. The income amount is dependent on your age (and the age of the second person if so named) and the size of your gift. When one (or both) income recipients pass away, 100 percent of the amount remaining in the charitable gift annuity account is transferred to Hopeful Horizons to sustain our mission and programs. You would also qualify for an income tax charitable deduction in the year of the gift, and possibly tax-preferred income over a number of years, depending on whether you give cash or appreciated assets. To receive a complimentary illustration tailored to your personal situation, including tax advantages, please contact (add info from Foundation).​


Helpful Information for Your Financial Advisor

If you are considering including Hopeful Horizons in your estate or giving plans, your advisor may find this information helpful:


Legal name:

Hopeful Horizons

PO Box 1775, Beaufort, SC 29901

Tax ID 57-1063332


Specific bequest language:

“I give to Hopeful Horizons, Tax ID 57-1063332, [specific dollar amount] for its unrestricted use and purpose.”


Residual bequest language:

“I give to Hopeful Horizons, Tax ID 57-1063332, [ % ] of the rest, residue, and remainder of my estate for its unrestricted use and purpose.”


Contact Information:

Erin Hall, Chief Development Officer, 843-379-6621,

Kristin Dubrowski, Chief Executive Officer, 843-379-6140,

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