What's a Toolbox?

I’m sure you’ve been inundated with all kinds of self-care advice during the COVID-19 pandemic. Self-care is a hot topic right now as many of us run our first marathon-the marathon of working and schooling from home, parenting, and finding our way amid the crisis and uncertainty. I’ve seen a lot of advice on the world wide web about how to take care of yourself during this unprecedented time. Under the overall hot topic of self-care, another buzz word is being repeated-toolbox or toolkit. What is a toolbox? What does it hold, if anything? A toolbox can be both literal and figurative. As a therapist working with kids who have experienced some type of trauma, I have constructed literal toolbox

Tips for Self Care

We are all living in an unprecedented time right now. Feelings of anxiety, fear and isolation are completely normal. The best things we can

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