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Hopeful Horizons' Policies 

The Hopeful Horizons’ Board and executive leadership seek to operate in an atmosphere that is open and transparent with the goal of enhancing trust and understanding.  To achieve this end, the Board has elected to make the organization’s policy manual publicly accessible through posting on its website.


Hopeful Horizons’ develops and maintains policies and procedures to support achievement of the organization’s Mission, Vision and Values; to meet the changing needs of the organization; to achieve compliance with applicable laws, rules, and funding requirements; to assure responsiveness to customer/stakeholder needs, and to align services and administrative operations with best practices.  Therefore, policy and procedure development and review is an ongoing process of the Hopeful Horizons’ Board. 

Hopeful Horizons is migrating to a new policy and procedure format and review process.  Policies will be posted to the website following Board approval.  If you are looking for and do not find a policy on the website, contact Hopeful Horizons at



Governance and General Administration


Service Delivery

Right Protection


Finance and Fund Development

Human Resource Management

Technology and Facilities Management

Health and Safety Management

Institutional Effectiveness

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