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Below are a few Hopeful Horizons' blogs about our volunteers!

Hopeful Horizons’ volunteers are an indispensable part of our organization. We are able to provide 24/7 crisis intervention services only through the concerted efforts of our pool of dedicated supporters willing to donate their time. Each of our volunteers receives 25 hours of training to ensure that they are equipped with the knowledge and skills to work directly with survivors of child abuse, domestic violence and sexual assault.

Please submit the volunteer application below if you're interested in attending the next volunteer training and becoming a volunteer. Questions about volunteering? Contact Kaitlyn Smith.

Furnish a Future

Furnish a Future is a new outreach program for Hopeful Horizons, led by a dedicated volunteer group. The program will create safe and joyful spaces for women who are starting a new life after surviving domestic violence. In many cases, women and their children need to rebuild from the ground up and furnishing their new home with love will provide them with a positive start on their journey. Furnish a Future will collect donated items specific for each client.  


Contact Rebecca Jones if you'd like to get involved in Furnish a Future or be added to the the distribution list of needed items for each project.   

Child Advocates

Child Advocates greet adult and child clients and their families when they come to Hopeful Horizons and make them feel at ease. Advocates also assist with minor clerical duties such as answering the phones and helping members of staff with administrative or organizational duties.

Hospital Victim Advocates

Hospital Victim Advocates are responsible for responding to requests for hospital accompaniment for victims of child sexual abuse, adult victims of domestic violence and adult victims of sexual assault.

Shelter Advocates

Crisis Line/Shelter Advocate’s primary role will be to aid staff in the domestic violence shelter. These advocates answer the Support Line and assist with logistics. Volunteers may also help with the shelter's children's group.

Community Education

As a Community Outreach Volunteer, you will be a driving force in Hopeful Horizon’s efforts to educate individuals and organizations on building a community free of child abuse, domestic violence and sexual assault. In a variety of ways, you will represent the agency by fostering awareness and providing information on the services we offer in the five counties we serve.

Read how our volunteers work is important and has made a difference in so many lives, by Cinda Seamon.

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