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Hopeful Horizons Offers Free Trainings, Both Virtual and In-Person

Covid has changed everything. Trainings, workshops and meetings that were once commonplace now must be strategically planned to make sure Covid safety protocols are followed.

But even during this difficult time, organizations do not have to stop offering trainings to their employees, students and/or community groups.

Hopeful Horizons' Prevention & Outreach Team can offer free trainings on the following topics:

  • Domestic Violence: Learn about domestic violence and how it is often more than just physical violence.

  • Consent and Sexual Assault: Understand what “consent” really is and learn that sexual assault is more than just rape.

  • Child Abuse: Realize that child abuse is more than physical abuse; learn to recognize the signs of child abuse and identify what you can do about it.

  • Healthy Relationships: Learn what a healthy relationship looks like vs an unhealthy relationship. These principles can be applied to all relationships in your life,

  • The Culture of Violence: Why is modern day society so violent? Find out why and who is responsible for preventing acts of violence in our local Lowcountry community.

  • Learn about Hopeful Horizons, its mission and how it is making a difference in the community.

  • Presentations directed toward school-aged youths and teens are also available. Topics include healthy femininity, healthy masculinity and resolving conflicts without violence.

Presentations can be given virtually via Zoom. Those preferring in-person presentations have the option of having them presented outdoors or in-person, making sure all participants are wearing facemasks and maintain a six-foot distance from each other. There is no cost for the presentations.

Retention is one of the biggest obstacles facing organizations such as businesses, schools and clubs. One way for those entities to keep their employees, students and members satisfied. Ongoing education helps employees, students and members continue to be committed to the organization’s mission.

Offering these virtual trainings can help organizations educate their members and achieve their goals.

To schedule a free training, either virtual or in-person, call 843-524-2256 or email

Rose Ewing is passionate about community education, human rights and animal welfare. She has lived in the Lowcountry for 21 years and loves taking advantage of the year-round activities beautiful Beaufort has to offer. Rose is a Victim Service Provider with the state of South Carolina; her degree is in journalism.


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