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Helping Women from the Inside Out

June 25th was the very first “Fireside Chat,” a live virtual event created to discuss and bring greater awareness to domestic abuse and violence. The event was co-sponsored by Hopeful Horizons, a children’s advocacy and domestic violence organization in the Lowcountry of South Carolina, and Solarté Collections, a beauty and personal care company with a mission to help women and families recover from domestic abuse.

This was the first in a series of webinars aimed at helping people understand more about domestic abuse so we can recognize the signs and work to stop it once it occurs or to recognize when it's about to start. Domestic abuse doesn't always include physical violence, but usually involves varying degrees of emotional manipulation that usually includes fear and shame to control or threaten.

Angela Jenkins, Founder and CEO of Solarté Collections, and Erin Hall, Chief Development Officer of Hopeful Horizons, led this conversation and discussed the challenges of recognizing domestic abuse, how to help yourself or others get out of these situations and additional challenges faced in providing care to others during the COVID-19 pandemic.

“After my own journey of enduring an abusive marriage years ago, and getting the critical help and healing needed, I’m now more confident than ever, running a skincare company and giving back. As we inspire beauty from the inside out: Solarté dedicates resources to help other women and families at safehouses overcome this same trauma in their lives. I am so thankful for this opportunity and what a way to convert my former pain into lasting beauty," Jenkins said.

Solarté Collections believes in supporting safe houses and other organizations that work to help those affected by domestic violence. Choose Hopeful Horizons on Solarté’s website and 10% of your product order will be donated to the organization.

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