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Coronavirus 2019 – A Personal Saga

I know! Everybody has something to whine about this virus…inconvenience, fear, isolation, ruined business, no paycheck, keeping kids safe and entertained, NOT killing my kids at home all day, not seriously considering divorce. I think Dr. Phil and wife Robin covered how to have a happy relationship when quarantined together (yep, watching daytime tv) (bet they don’t fight about money, though, right?).

I have none of those concerns at this point in my life except…I AM IN THE HIGH RISK CATEGORY (Not laughing, emphasis intended)!!! I am 72 years old, and that seems pretty damn old unless you know me, of course (LOL). I am a diabetic, but not insulin dependent (Whew)!

I have been a smoker since it was so fashionable to do so (yep, 1960s flower child). I have tried Nicorette gum (made me sick), Nicotine patches (just took it off and smoked) and Chantix (had awful nightmares) oh, and gained 20 lbs! It ain’t easy to quit. I do keep trying (especially when I get bronchitis) but most people around me ask me to have a cigarette, or I will definitely die, by their own hands! (I guess I get a little grumpy, ya think?).

So what is my whine, you might ask? I DON’T WANT TO DIE, YET!!! I have worked since I was 13 years old.

I have already had a stent put in my coronary artery, I have had both my knee joints replaced and most recently, my orthopedic surgeon graciously chose to replace my worn-out hip joint with a brand-spanking-new titanium hip joint!

Soooo, why should I be worrying about dying, you might ask (or not, if you are too young to imagine a long life yet)? Because:

  • I haven’t made it to Europe yet.

  • I might still get a PhD.

  • I clean my own house.

  • I maintain my own yard and gardens.

  • I love my family, my friends, my church, my community and my job, and contribute to each wherever and whenever I can!

  • I have a daughter and we enjoy each other and depend on one another!!

  • I have grandchildren who count on me to keep their secrets!

  • I have grandchildren that, believe it or not, like and look forward to our summer adventures together.

  • I have grandchildren that know, no matter what is happening in their world, they are always welcome to come where they are loved unconditionally and not judged.

  • I have grandchildren who I want to know what it is like to love and be loved, always, no matter what.

Last, but by far, not the least… I AM A THERAPIST for Hopeful Horizons’ victims of abuse!

I Believe people are basically good, but the world changes us all! Some people do bad things and cause us suffering.

I Believe that unconditional regard, respect, no judgment and shared wisdom help us to change and grow as people, in ways we never imagined we could.

I Believe in my clients, until they can believe in themselves, AGAIN?

I Believe I am a good therapist because, not in spite, of my own suffering, through the years.

I Believe that my experience and wisdom give hope and encouragement and I am living proof that life is worth living.

So what’s my point? Well, since I encourage all of my clients to journal and get their thoughts and fears out of their head, I thought I better follow the same protocol. And this is what I gained by journaling this today!!

Life is worth living, no matter the age or stage.

So, I got up at 6 am yesterday and went to Walmart. I didn’t stand in line, with others waiting for the doors to open, but waited in the car. I used hand sanitizer before I went in and cleaned the handlebar on the cart. I used hand sanitizer as soon as I got back into my car and washed my hands thoroughly when I got home.

AND, guess what? I found toilet paper, finally. So just keep on “keeping at it”!!

My time for whining is complete for today and I have work to do.

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