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MOST and WISE Clubs Have Big Plans for the New School Year

Backpacks and book apps, for kids and teens. Blank paper, new pencils, and shopping schemes. You heard it right folks, school is back in session! Taking such a momentous occasion into consideration, you may be thinking,” This is the perfect opportunity to make some positive changes.” And you would be right! Oftentimes throughout the year we come across new discoveries, challenges, and ideas that we would like to explore but, it’s just… not the right time. Well we’ve got good news for you, it’s Time to Take Action! And the Abuse Prevention Coalition’s MOST and WISE clubs of the Lowcountry will be doing exactly that!

For those of you who may not know, MOST and WISE club are premier violence prevention programs that are offered in the Beaufort, Jasper, Hampton, and Colleton County school districts. These programs are aimed at middle to high school aged youth (grades 7-12) and focus on the progenitors of many different forms of violence, ranging from bullying to sexual assault, their impact, and what we can do as society to prevent it.

Starting this year, our team of Violence Prevention Specialists plan to connect on a deeper level with parents via the Remind App. We will also continue our monthly newsletter which will now feature a brand-new section “WISE Wonders and MOST Moments." In this portion of the newsletter, we will be posting: acts of kindness, social-justice, and lyrical or artistic expressions by club members. We understand that helping parents stay aware of what their children are and will be doing is just as important as, if not more than, our programs themselves. In addition to that, we have revamped our curriculum to create more consistency, broaden understanding, and reach a higher level of engagement with students. This change will also make collaboration with guest speakers more

possible as an enrichment bonus.

Whew! That’s a lot… But isn’t that what new beginnings are all about? Starting fresh, shifting focus, planning ahead, and doing the never done before. More or less, this is a time of renewal, and we hope that you are just as excited as we are. Happy 2018 -2019 school year! Should you have any questions about the above mentioned, feel free to give us a call, leave us a message, or just stop us in the hallway.

For MOST Club Call

Aldriene Parker 843-379-6165 (Beaufort and Hampton County)


Ray Goyochea 843-379-6182 (Jasper and Colleton County)

For WISE Club Call

Satori Williams 843-379-6167 (Beaufort and Jasper County)

For WISE Club Call

Satori Williams 843-379-6167 (Beaufort and Jasper County)

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