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The Hampton County Guardian - Hopeful Horizons displays flags for awareness

Hopeful Horizons displays flags for awareness

April is Child Abuse Prevention & Sexual Assault Awareness month.

In honor of April being Child Abuse Prevention & Sexual Assault Awareness month, Hopeful Horizons, our local child advocacy, domestic violence, and rape crisis center is exhibiting their “Flag Awareness Display” to visually represent clients who received services from Hopeful Horizons in 2016. Last year, Hopeful Horizons provided children’s advocacy, domestic violence, and rape crisis services for 1,495 survivors. These 1,495 survivors will be visually represented by flags displayed at the Hampton County Courthouse from April 17th – 20th. Along with Hampton County, the courthouses in Colleton & Jasper Counties also will participate in the Flag Awareness Display.

Being that child abuse and sexual assault is a prevalent issue in our community that affects everyone from young children to elderly adults, the aim of the visual representation is to impact the community and inspire everyone to do more to help prevent child abuse and sexual assault. The colors chosen also have significant meaning. The teal color represents sexual assault awareness, the blue color, child abuse prevention & the purple represents domestic violence.

Hopeful Horizons is a nationally accredited not-for-profit Children’s Advocacy, Domestic Violence Center & Shelter, and Rape Crisis Center located in Beaufort, SC. Hopeful Horizons provides intervention, support and treatment for survivors and their loved ones to help end abuse and change lives one family at a time. As in the flag display, we also strive to increase the community’s awareness of these issues by providing education, outreach, and prevention programming.

If anyone would like more information for any of our services or programs, they can reach our main office at 843.524.2256 or if needed, they can contact our 24 hour crisis hotline at 1.800.868.2632.

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