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WTOC - CODA, Hope Haven combine to help child, domestic abuse victims

By Georgiaree Godfrey, Reporter

Two Lowcountry agencies aimed at fighting domestic violence and child abuse are beefing up their efforts after merging together to create an agency that will address both issues under one roof.

Now called Hopeful Horizons, the new agency combines Citizens Opposed to Domestic Abuse (CODA) and Hope Haven.

CODA worked with victims of sexual assault and domestic abuse, while Hope Haven focused more on child abuse. With this merger, the agency will be able to offer more comprehensive services.

The merger has been in the works for two years now after the agencies after the agencies decided to offer more holistic services that include all both women and children.

Shauw Chin Capps, the CEO of Hopeful Horizons, explained how this merger will help the agencies address the needs of all victims without having to separate their services.

“The intersection of these issues, often they are not, they don’t occur in a vacuum. Often when you have a woman in domestic violence shelter you will also find child abuse issues present. And if you have a child who is abused you may also found domestic violence in the family.”

The merger is officially complete and services are already being offered here at the Charles St. office.

The agency is now preparing for their first fundraiser of the year which will kick off on Valentine’s Day weekend.

For more information on Hopeful Horizons please click here.

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