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Volunteer Appreciation Week

Volunteers play a critical role in the success of nonprofit organizations and that is especially true for Hopeful Horizons and the success of our clients as they navigate the healing process. Our volunteers not only provide essential support for the day-to-day operations, but their efforts enable Hopeful Horizons and our community partners to maximize our impact on the communities and the causes we serve.

Our volunteers bring a wide range of valuable skills and experiences to our organization. But most importantly, they bring an endless amount of empathy and dedication to serve people while they are at their most vulnerable. They provide a warm smile to children and their families. They act as our ambassadors to spread awareness about Hopeful Horizons' services. They offer words of encouragement to survivors at community events. They lend a helping hand to all the therapists, advocates and other staff at Hopeful Horizons. They serve as a non-stop reminder that it truly takes a village - an entire community - to end the culture of abuse.

On behalf of Hopeful Horizons and for National Volunteer Appreciation Week I offer a HUGE thank you to every single person that feels the call to serve and to extend compassion to those in needs.

In community,

Meredith M., Hopeful Horizons' Volunteer Coordinator

Visit our website to find out more about becoming a volunteer for Hopeful Horizons.


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