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Strengthening Families Program Forges Ahead, Despite Pandemic

The Strengthening Families Program (SFP) continues to thrive despite COVID 19 and its complications. We are continuing to teach the program online after switching from in person last spring. This fall we will begin our 34th cycle and we are so excited to welcome both new and returning families to share in the fun!

Over the summer, with the help of the participating families, we were able to complete our first ever summer seven-week session in Jasper County. After previously postponing this session, we were determined to get our families started with SFP! All our wonderful families attended twice a week to graduate before school started. It was tough compared to the usual once-a-week SFP meeting, but families rallied and made it work, even after a hard day of play or being in different houses. We had a few grandparents learning how to use Zoom for the first time!

Later this year we will hold a booster session for families. Booster sessions are typically held about three months after graduation – we all come back together to talk about what is working and what problems families have come up against. Using the SFP skills, we break down the issues using problem-solving steps and help parents decide how best to deal with them. We use the booster session to reinforce what we have learned, dispel doubts and support one another.

In addition, we often hear from families who share updates with us long after this final session. Previously, we had a family attend SFP shortly after mom passed away. We are so pleased to be able report that the family has recently moved into a new home. Dad is helping his children break down problems, share their feelings and communicate effectively as a family. They are a true Strengthening Families Program success story!

Want to learn more about this family? Read more here.

We are grateful to Children's Trust of South Carolina for continuing to fund this program!

What you should expect with SFP:

SFP is a 14-week evidence-based family skills training program. The parents and children (ages 6-11) attend once a week to learn how to improve their parenting skills and develop youth life skills. Parents and children learn separately the first hour of each weekly meeting. Then, parents and children come together for a joint family practice session.

For more information, contact Krista Goetz, Strengthening Families Program Coordinator, or contact our Support Line at 843-770-1070.


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