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The Ice Cream Aisle

At Hopeful Horizons, mental health and self-care are common discussions - for our clients but also for our staff. On a particularly tough day after multiple forensic interviews with children who had been sexually abused, one of Hopeful Horizons' advocates shared with us how she handled the stress and emotion of the day.

She started at the grocery store, deciding that feeding her soul was the best plan. All she wanted was Bluebell chocolate ice cream – which the store did not have. We've all been there, right? The one thing you want - and need - to get past a hard day.

To be expected, a minor meltdown ensued in the ice cream aisle.

Secondary trauma is real and has real effects on therapists, family advocates and everyone on the Hopeful Horizons' team. Sometimes secondary trauma looks like a meltdown in the ice cream aisle.

Other times, the result of a day like this is just pure over-stimulation and a need for quiet. This family advocate said she has no interest in reading or TV because it is just too much when she needs to practice self care. She’s picked up doing needlepoint and that is giving her something she can focus on. Adult coloring books and going to the beach are great self care too.

What does self care look like for you? Do you need quiet or do you need distractions? Do you need more resources on self care? Share your thoughts in the comments section.


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