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Holistic Aids for Anxiety

Although our diet does not completely dictate if we will experience anxiety symptoms or not, there are specific foods that work to alleviate stress and others that exacerbate symptoms. Just as a healthy diet is likely to make our bodies feel better, it is likely to make our minds feel better.

In this blog, I will cover some of the foods that are known to increase and decrease anxiety symptoms. Incorporating small changes in your day-to-day diet may not eliminate those uncomfortable anxiety symptoms completely, but could significantly reduce them.



Provides nutrients and energy without being over stimulating.


Rich in fiber and vitamins that are easily depleted for those experiencing anxiety.


Dehydration has been known to lead to anxiety. Water consumption is essential for keeping anxiety at bay and the body feeling great. This is also the easiest nutrition tip to incorporate into your daily routine 😊.

Tryptophan Rich Foods

Tryptophan promotes relaxation and boots metabolism. Sources of tryptophan include: Oats, soy and sesame seeds.

Magnesium Rich Foods

Magnesium effects many systems of the body especially the central nervous system. You can incorporate magnesium with foods like black beans or tofu.


Avoid These


Along with the fun boost of energy, caffeine can increase heart rate and mimic symptoms of an anxiety attack. Caffeine can increase racing thoughts, sweating and hyperventilating.

Dairy Products

Dairy products heighten the adrenaline levels that contribute to more anxiety. Eat in moderation.

Refined Sugars

Refined sugars have a similar effect as caffeine, as in they create those “jittery” feelings and exacerbate anxiety symptoms.

Acidic Foods

Acidic foods have been known to drop magnesium levels. Magnesium levels are directly correlated with anxiety symptoms.


Alcohol throws hormones off balance, triggers physical symptoms and intensifies symptoms.

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