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5 Major Reasons to Participate in Self-Care

We’re often told to treat ourselves, do something nice, or see hashtags about self-care, but what does self-care really look like? It can be a multitude of things, but it doesn’t have to be something that requires spending money. My coworkers have been providing live videos and other posts on different types of self-care, so I wanted to provide some other reasons why you should jump on these or create self-care activities specific for you!

  1. It’s good for you! Whether you are doing something for yourself or with your family or pets, it is good for you mentally, emotionally, and physically to do something good for yourself.

  2. We have the time. Now more than ever we are looking to keep ourselves busy with a routine, work, activities, whatever the case may be. Now more than ever is a good time to carve out 10-20 minutes for self-care. Once you get into the routine, you’ll continue finding other ways to incorporate this into your day.

  3. It’s not selfish. People often think that self-care is selfish, but, you cannot be the best version of you if you do not take the time to invest in yourself.

  4. You need to recharge. How many times are we constantly on the go, never really giving ourselves a rest until it’s time for bed? Self-care is a way to recharge not just your body but your mind and attitude.

  5. You deserve it. You deserve that walk, that yoga session, making a new meal, time to yourself, watching that Netflix series with a good snack. Give yourself some permission to do things you normally may not do.

There are probably 1000+ more reasons why you should engage in self-care, but these are just a few. Take time for yourself, recharge, and give yourself permission to try new things!

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