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About Strengthening Families (SFP): The Mikell Family

The Strengthening Families Program (SFP) is a nationally and internationally recognized evidence-based parenting and family-strengthening program. This program focuses on caregivers with children ages six to 11 and, over the course of 14 weekly sessions, families learn to develop positive discipline practices, stay resilient in tough times, strengthen communications skills and assist children with social skills, relationships and school performance. SFP has been selected as the model family program by communities across the US in their commitment to prevent and reduce substance abuse and other risky behaviors facing youth and their parents, including delinquency, academic performance and child maltreatment. Funding for SFP is provided by Children's Trust of South Carolina.

How Our Family Implements SFP During COVID-19 Quarantine

We are the Mikell Family and we attended The Strengthening Families Program (SFP) at Mossy Oaks Elementary School in Beaufort County. Before the program, we had some areas in our family we felt needed some work. The program opened our eyes, encouraged our hearts and challenged us to grow as a family unit. During this quarantine, we are reminded on how important “Child’s Game” is, which we learned in week one at SFP. Increasing the time we spend with our children and allowing them to have a voice, outside having to monitor their studies, has increased our resilience and lessen our stress during this pandemic. We graduated from SFP on December 18, 2019 and are thankful to Hopeful Horizons for bringing the program to our school.


Calvin, Nina, Londyn, Calvin Jr. and Chyna

The Mikell Family


A Note from Our SFP Site Coordinator

The staff of the Strengthening Families Program are blessed to have the opportunity to meet such amazing families and spend time with them for 2 hours, 1 night per week for 14 weeks.

The Mikell Family joined the program as a very strong and loving family and we enjoyed seeing them at the Mossy Oaks Elementary School site. Halfway through the program, Mrs. Mikell expressed how she was implementing the skills each week and was already seeing a reduction in her stress levels.

“It’s huge when you are given the tools, you implement them and then you see that it works,” she said.

As she expressed her success with the program, I felt the passion behind her words and could see the excitement in her face. I was overjoyed that she took the time to tell me! This is what the Strengthening Families Program is designed to accomplish.

Many thanks to the Mikell Family for their valuable participation in the Strengthening Families Program!

Dee Scott

Site Coordinator, Strengthening Families Program

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