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Holistic Aids for Anxiety - Supplements and Essential Oils

For individuals who experience anxiety on a regular basis, this stress can negatively impact your physical health, relationships, mental health and daily life in a significant way. Things may start to feel out of control when our bodies respond to anxiety by producing physical symptoms. There are many contributing factors that can exacerbate anxiety symptoms such as diet, hormones, and exercise methods, which will be covered in upcoming posts.

Working to address these physical symptoms from the inside out can increase a sense of calm/relaxation and control.

Herbal supplements are a great start when it comes to increasing overall health and combating anxiety. Herbal supplements can be ingested by capsule, tea or powder that can be added to foods or dissolved in water.

Aromatherapy can also assist in decreasing anxiety and promote relaxation.

Essential oils are liquids derived from plants, flowers and fruits. They can be applied topically on the skin, used in diffusers or inhaled directly. Applying essential oils directly to pressure points of the body has also been found effective. Essential oils must be diluted with water before they are applied to the skin. Be sure to investigate the quality of herbal supplements and essential oils you are purchasing to ensure that they are pure (100% pure, therapeutic grade), as this can dictate their effectiveness.

Listed below are herbal supplements and essential oils that have been proven to reduce anxiety and increase a sense of calm and relaxation. Also included is a short description detailing specific symptoms they assist in alleviating or how they may affect hormones or nerves.

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Magnesium Citrate

Magnesium citrate easily absorbs in the body resulting in quicker & more obvious relief. It's a nervous system relaxant that assists with fear, irritability, and restlessness.


This is a calming herb for anxiety, insomnia, and even seizures. You can include this in your diet through teas, extracts, or tablets.

Vitamin D