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How Court Closings Impact Our Clients

As of March 18th, the Chief Justice of the South Carolina Supreme Court ordered all courts in the state, including the Family Courts, closed until at least May 1, 2020. Pursuant to the Order, Family Courts may only hear emergency matters, including but not limited to: DSS Emergency Protective Custody, Juvenile Detention, Bench Warrants and Petitions for Orders of Protection from Domestic Abuse.

Take a look at this article that provides other details on how the court closings impact daily life.

What does this mean for Hopeful Horizons’ clients?

Unfortunately, the Supreme Court’s Order means that any upcoming hearings we had scheduled for our clients are on hold for now. However, we continue to work on our clients’ cases by reviewing evidence, drafting requests for discovery, negotiating settlements, and meeting with clients via video and conference call technology. Although the Legal Department is working from home, we remain ready, willing, and able to answer questions and advise our clients.

What if I think I need an Order of Protection?

Courts are still conducting hearings for Orders of Protection and we may still be able to help you. You can call our Hotline at 800.868.2632 and one of our Crisis Advocates will put you in touch with our Court Advocate and she will discuss with you how to proceed.

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