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Strength of a Super Hero

To me, being a father means being a role model, demonstrating respect, love, faithfulness, and strength. Not physical strength, but mental and emotional strength to be there for our children when they need support and direction.

A father will not always have all the answers, but will know the right things to say. Being a father means being present when you’re tired, hungry, and drained. Being a father, there isn’t a day off because there’s homework and projects to complete, villains to destroy, and spiders to catch.

My children’s happiness is my happiness.

That is what being a father means to me.


A Fathers gift of "Presence"

June 29, 2017 Aldriene Parker- Violence Prevention Specialist

Being a father means:

Being honest and open so that my daughter knows that the dusty rocking chair in dad’s room is where lectures are given, but it is also safe place to don the burden of life’s experiences.

Being strong, but not afraid to be vulnerable, so that she may face adversity with the heart of a lion and never find shame in the tears that might take.

Being affectionate - giving the little hugs, kisses, and I love you(s) that whisper, “You are the world to me.”

Being caring, yet stern - having the capacity to be the forgiveness of the wind, as well as being the rock of accountability.

Just being there - from spending quality time, to attending performances at school - presence is important.

All of these things and more are what fatherhood means to me.

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