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The Island Packet - Why lilies were set afloat this weekend in Port Royal Sound

Why lilies were set afloat this weekend in Port Royal Sound


Dozens of lilies were set afloat Saturday on Port Royal Sound to honor area women who have helped others with domestic violence, child abuse or sexual assault, as well as survivors of those crimes.

The lilies were placed in the water at the Port Royal Sound Foundation Maritime Center in Okatie during the 13th Lilies on the River event organized by Hopeful Horizons, an advocacy organization.

“This community event is a reminder that we are stronger when we empower one another,” said Kristin Dubrowski, chief operating officer of Hopeful Horizons, in a news release.

Lilies are a symbol of hope, chief executive officer Shauw Chin Capps said during Saturday's event.

The event "speaks to the work we do ... bringing the hope and healing to victims of child abuse, domestic violence and sexual assault," she said.

The pink and white flowers are meant to honor women who have had a positive effect as well as those who have gone through painful experiences but "emerged victorious," she said.

To watch the video and read the entire story, click here:

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