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CODA + Hope Haven Have Become Hopeful Horizons

Today, CODA + Hope Haven have merged to become Hopeful Horizons, a Children’s Advocacy, Domestic Violence and Rape Crisis center. The merger will expand the impact in the community and provide an umbrella of services under one roof to make it easier for families to seek help.

“As a united team, we can do even more to advance our ongoing mission to protect, treat and prevent,” said Hopeful Horizons CEO Shauw Chin Capps. “Together, we will empower victims, educate the public and provide a one-stop shop with comprehensive services for victims of violence and abuse.”

“CODA and Hope Haven are not going away, but coming together,” said Hopeful Horizons COO Kristin Dubrowski. “The DNA of each organization is the foundation of Hopeful Horizons.”

“I’m very excited about this merger for our community! It is a huge milestone and will have such a positive impact in meeting the needs for victims of child abuse, domestic violence and sexual assault,” said Sheriff PJ Tanner. “Both CODA and Hope Haven have been partners with my office for many years. They do tremendous work and the coming together of these two strong organizations will further strengthen our ability as a community to combat these crimes.”

"Hopeful Horizons is a critical partner in the multi-disciplinary approach to abuse that protects victims during investigation and enhances criminal prosecution,” said Solicitor Duffie Stone. “I am thrilled that the merger will allow Hopeful Horizons to reach more people."

After an 18 month process, the Boards of CODA + Hope Haven have voted to merge into Hopeful Horizons. This proactive measure was taken in order to better advocate for and treat those impacted by abuse and to raise awareness about child abuse, domestic violence, sexual assault and their overlap.

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